Soham Corporation

About Us

Soham Corporation is one of the leading distributors of PepsiCo Food Products. PepsiCo products are relished everywhere around the globe. The company was found by Mr. Kamlesh Thaokar (Managing Director) in September 2017. We have a large distribution of 2797 outlets/month. Soham Corporation has a 12,000 sq feet area of infrastructure with a large base of 50+ efficient employees. Our product portfolio includes a wide range of enjoyable snacks like Chips, Wafer products, Tea, Energy Drinks, Mineral water, Beverages, etc.

Our aim is to nourish consumers with a varied range of fun and healthy products timely and accurately while continuing to grow our business. Serving Satisfaction by Sale is what we believe in. We aspire to become the best distributor for PepsiCo in India.

We offer several range of produtcs -

Lays Chips  |  Kurkure  |  Kurkure Namkeen  |  Uncle Chips  |  Quaker Oats  |  Cheetoz  |  Doritoz  |  Lipton Ice Tea  |  Gatorade  |  Himalayan Water  |  Tropicana

Specification and features of each product -

  • There are 45 flavours in Chips
  • Kurkure is available in 52 flavours
  • Kurkure Namkeen Have 10 Flavours
  • Quaker Oats have 5 flavours
  • Gatorade Energy Drinks have 2 flavours
  • Tropicana Fruit Juice has 9 Flavours

Our Products